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5 Week

The five week course will allow for a more in-depth discussion of the topics. We will have more hands on activities and flexibility of topics covered in detail.

Week one
  • Coping in late pregnancy
  • Overview of normal labor and birth
  • Preterm labor and other concerns
Week two
  • Stages of labour and comfort measures
  • Creating a support team/doulas
  • Laboring and pushing positions/techniques
  • Normal postpartum experience for mom/baby
Week three
  • Communicating with caregiver and birth plan
  • Variations of normal labour and medical interventions Medications in labor
  • Cesarean section
  • Strategies for minimizing interventions
Week four
  • Breastfeeding
Week five
  • Postpartum adjustment
  • Basic baby care
  • Carseat

1 Day

Due date just around the corner? The one-day course is great for parents who do not have time to attend a five week session, families joining us from out of town, or 2nd time parents wanting a refresher. It will cover all the same topics but with a little less opportunity for hand-on activities.



Private sessions are ideal for couples who are unable to attend group sessions. This option may be desirable to families who want a refresher or have specific leaning needs. The two two-hour sessions will be held in your home on a day and time that is convenient for you.


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